Of the 21,000,000 small businesses with 19 employees or less in the U.S., about 5% grow. Most go sideways or south. Our short, simple, 14 step workbook with options for coaching, tasking, and peer exchange empowers you to swing the odds in your favor.

“I don’t have time for marketing,” many owners say. Yet, marketing is the only activity that can improve your top line, your sales revenues. You must market, and market effectively, to make your business grow. It’s labor intensive, time-consuming, and risky. Yet, your business will never grow without it, and a book, a few classes, or a seminar won’t solve the problem.

What’s different, unique, and exciting about The Marketing for Smarties Challenge, 14 Steps to Sustained Growth, is that it integrates over a few months:

a 66 page workbook in plain English (each step is three-five pages)
a CD with worksheets
peer exchange

For the first time, the same marketing principles and tools that guide major organizations have been stripped down to their essentials to give you:

a basic, enduring business process that integrates marketing and sales with your daily business life, and
a simple, actionable, affordable six month marketing plan that’s right for your business.

Why take a few months? Thinking through strategy, positioning, and copy lines takes time. So does putting in place all the nuts and bolts you need to support campaigns. You’ll think through your most difficult problems, see your business and its opportunities in new ways, and gain enduring confidence in your business, its prospects, and yourself.

Is this a convenient time? Probably not. It never is. Finding the time is part of The Challenge. Let The Challenge help you join the 5% of the small businesses that grow!










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