"I left Corporate America two years ago. A year after leaving, in some disarray in starting my specialty deserts business, I participated in the Marketing for Smarties Challenge. The program was immensely beneficial in helping me to understand that marketing is the driving force to success. To attain that, I must bring to my small business the same organization and discipline used by large corporations. The right message and a marketing plan were needed, also resources, especially technology and people, even if the people are part-timers or interns. Structure and professionalism developed through the Challenge led me to open up greater opportunities than I had imagined possible."
Suwon Smith
The Sweet Spot

"I took the Marketing for Smarties Challenge six months before starting my business, and I benefited greatly from it. The seminar helped me think through the skills that I would need to develop in order to market my business, and whether or not I was ready to take the next step. Now that my business has been up and running for six months, I find that I am able to implement my marketing plan, and I keep returning to the basic principles that I learned."
Caroline Seigel
20th Century West Art Appraisal, Inc.
Accredited Member, American Society of Appraisers

"Takes the mystery out of marketing for small business owners."
Patrick A. Ford
Barkley Tower Capital. LLC

"The two most important things we learned to use from the program are the timelines and relationship building through database marketing. The timelines enable us to set goals with simple marketing activities; we consult the timelines every day to see how we're doing. We've found lists of local businesses in our market that use trucks. The names are entered into the database, and then we use a mix of mailings and telemarketing to find leads and develop prospects. As a result, we've been meeting our goals regularly since we started using the program. There's more to the process that's offered in the program that we haven't used so far, but expect to as the process evolves."
Randy Menapace
Operations Manager
Buick, Pontiac, and GMC Dealership
Gallup, N. M.

"As a creative professional, I had never studied marketing. When I started my own visual communications company after years of working for others, I realized I must become educated on business survival strategies in the highly competitive field of graphic design. I committed to the four Marketing for Smarties workshops and it has proved to be the smartest, most cost-effective move I could have made for my 18 month old business. Not only was Don Warner’s savvy book and personal presentation easy to understand, but it gave me the tools and structure I needed to methodically handle what had seemed like a dreaded task before. Marketing for Smarties has put my “feet to the fire” in a wholly positive way, teaching me how to integrate marketing activities into my business routine. "
Paula Eastwood
Creative Director, Eastwood Design

"I wanted you to know what a completely valuable experience it was and how glad I am I was able to be part of it. We launched our new web site last night at midnight. I had spent days working on the copy for the whole site and all the exercise you had us complete really helped immensely and continue to guide our growing business."
Whitney J. Owens
Outback Tours & Charters

"I was forced to confront issues I’ve been running away from for years. Don Warner speaks softly, but gives strong advice."
Susan Lynne Seidner Chasky
Senior Vice-President
Halstead Property, LLC

"It’s got the big picture, yet it’s also got so many of the small things, the bits and pieces you’ve got to know about to make marketing work for a small business.”
Pete Prestegaard
Author, (Not So) Old Men and the Sea

"Feel like I got thousands of dollars worth of consulting advice."
Jim Gialamas
Media Relations Consultant

"Changed my life; I know what I'm doing now when I work on marketing."
Betty Anne Liebowitz
Rebound Exercise

"We had a recruiter who went through the Marketing for Smarties program and did a fabulous job of finding new students for us, some in new areas. Unfortunately, she just resigned. But I'm not worried. The process she used is in place and well-documented. The replacement should require very little help picking up where the previous person ended."
Erin Collins
Manager, Zuni Campus

University of New Mexico at Gallup

"I particularly enjoyed having a month of working on each step of the process. It gave me
the opportunity to learn and change the things that had to be corrected or implemented.
Don’t get me wrong, I am not finished with the ending of class. It is an ongoing piece of
work to run this and any business, yet I am fortunate now to have a working concept
of what it takes to be successful…recommendation – that you don’t take the manual and think you are going to go it alone, you can, however you will be doing yourself a huge disservice. There is so much that comes up with each class that it is the nuts and bolts of running a business. For those of us who are the new kids on the block, it is important to have a mentor to help us navigate the shadows….one thing I left out is that it was good fun, not like going back to school…we were novices; struggling business owners and wannabes, who were all treated to healthy helpings of just what we had to do to get things going in a prosperous direction.
Dr. Virginia Grey, Div, Ed.

"Thank you for the Smarties program. The information has helped me focus on what I needed to do for our business. The workshops’ structure was inspirational. The combination has given me a clear marketing direction."
Rosemary McKeown
Sales & Marketing Director
Software Solutions for Business, Inc.

"Marketing for Smarties is a step-by-step process that works even for
marketing novices like me. Don Warner has taken his years of experience of
working with major corporate marketing departments and condenses their
techniques for use by entrepreneurs. It is clear to me now — if you want to
see your business grow — Marketing for Smarties is the way to do it. Trust
the process.
Glenn Freidline
Chaco Granite

"Learning to ask what works and what doesn't work was one of the most valuable lessons learned from the program. This led us to major improvements in our most important marketing tool, telemarketing. We now measure the effectiveness of different scripts by results-oriented criteria: appointments, conversions, and recruiting new agents. This benefit and others were derived from the coaching and from the frank exchange with other owners who gave candid assessments of many of our business practices."
Gregory Hunter
Primerica Financial Services
New Rochelle, N.Y.

"I’ve always known marketing is important and that it must work since big companies spend lots of money on it. Whenever I tried to get a grasp of marketing I couldn’t because it was seemed just like air, nothing to really get a hold of. When “Marketing for Smarties” was offered at the Small Business Development Center at the Santa Fe Community College, I figured I’d give it a try. The workbook and Tool shed (a DC with the worksheets from the workbook) gave focus and made concrete the concepts of marketing, which I now use. I have also discovered that marketing is a continual process. As a small business owner I found “Marketing for Smarties” invaluable and to the point."
Constance Moloney
The Framing Company

The Marketing For Smarties course was very detailed and informative, a learning experience and a great directive towards business operations.
Yvonne Lawrence
Usana Health Care Products

"Taking Marketing for Smarties was great!  It made me rethink who my target market was.  More importantly, it gave me an opportunity to tell my prospects what separates me from my competition and how my services can benefit their organization.  The thought process was crucial to me!  Once I developed my copy platform, I was able to not only utilize this material consistently but it gave me the clarity I needed to verbalize my differential advantage in my elevator pitch.  "
Danielle Douglas
Inspire Enterprise, Inc.









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