Peer exchange, especially in programs led by a Marketing for Smarties Coach, is invaluable for three reasons:

1. Brainstorming
Some of the most exciting moments in the program are the discussions among the owners about features and benefits, positioning, copy platforms, marketing plans, or other topics. The owners help each other understand these new concepts, apply them to their individual enterprises, and give each other insight and great ideas.

2. Marketing Thinking and Doing
Showing your work to other owners and studying theirs leads you to get and give feedback, ideas, information and advice. You stretch your marketing muscles. You become a better marketing thinker and doer whether you work on your own, with full or part-time staff, or employ outside marketing professionals.

3. The Human Dimension
Most of us who own small businesses are bright and talented. We’re also human. Whatever our strengths, we also have weaknesses, and it’s often the weaknesses we don’t see or deny that constrains the venture’s growth. The Challenge brings these issues to the fore. Frequently, it’s other owners and not the coach who pick up on our limitations. Very often, we heed the words of our peers more readily than those we hear from a coach. Of course, there’s the flip side, approbation and there’s usually plenty of it. You’ll really like that part.









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