The program offers a variety of tasking options such as:

1. Work the 14 steps! Follow the syllabus used in the workshops.

Use the syllabus to work the steps, whether you’re doing the Challenge, working one-on-one with a coach, or on your own.

2. The Worksheets in Toolshed

Marketing for Smarties takes big problems and breaks them down into small bites. There is no better way to begin to acquire the process, to focus and habituate yourself than by using the small-bite worksheets (doubtlessly customizing them to suit your needs and style).

3. Sales Pipeline Reports
Sales pipeline reports show you how to track your leads, keep them in an order of priority, and focus on actions that will move prospects from one stage to the next of your selling cycle.

4. Project Management Tools
Of the project management tools presented in the workbook, the most important is Timelines. A timeline is a list of activities in an order of priority in a certain time frame. It’s a stripped down marketing plan. We repeatedly encourage the use of this tool and consider it one of the most important ways you can keep your focus and keep tasking yourself.

You can’t and you shouldn’t try to use these and all the other tools in the workbook. You’re offered options. Choose the ones that best serve your purposes and methods.










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