Don Warner has been in marketing, sales, and public relations as an entrepreneur, services provider, and writer in the United States and United Kingdom for over four decades.

Before starting The Planned Growth Company in 1992, Don spent ten years in Anglo-American trade, primarily as an entrepreneur in the computer services industry. He obtained the marketing rights to products, prepared and implemented marketing plans, and often served as the principle salesperson. Customers included many large corporations including Fortune 500 companies as well as federal, state, and local governments. Don's two main companies, Scientific & Business Systems (U.S.) and Software Marketing International (U.K.), were acquired by larger firms.

While living in the United Kingdom, Don founded and managed a marketing consulting firm with major international clients. He also has been a registered representative and public relations consultant with Ruder+Finn Inc., one of the top ten public relations firms in the world. His career began during his sophomore year in college with Compton Advertising, where he helped organize a Motivation Research Department and pioneer in-depth interviews, a forerunner of today's focus groups.









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